My Favourite Club Mac Spot

Show us your favourite spot at Club MAC Alcudia, where you have spent most of your time or treasured the best memories. There is a chance to win a voucher worth 300 euros to be exchanged for future accommodation and more.

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Submissions are now closed, but you can still join the fun. Show some love for your favorite story and earn something special for a future stay with us!
Sharon R.
“It's a lovely spot to have your photos taken”
Amy L.
“My daughter could play and splash without us having to worry about her falling under the water! She loved the fountains, slides and being able to run around in the sun with mummy and daddy watching from the sun beds”
John A.
“Sun pool drink and kids loving the pool no where better !!”
John A.
“So much fun to be had around the pool, great activities, loads of participating!”
Chloe T.
“Me and my boy waiting for the bus to come home , we had a brilliant week and couldnt thank club mac enough for all their hard work they put in to make us feel welcomed such a brilliant place for kids :)”
Laura W.
“Our kids always used to love a ride on the donkeys in the morning, it was lovely to see them and walk around the lake with them”
Rebecca A.
“Our first family holiday abroad, we'd just arrived and I took this photo from our balcony kids couldn't wait to get down stairs and in the pool.”
Kay A.
“We love Saturno pool, lots of memories created here on both holidays”
Sarah S.
“It was my favourite spot because u cud see everything from ur balcony”
Amber H.
vicki f.
“Love Alcudia been going since I was the age of 7 with my family great memories.”
Katie B.
“My boys forst holiday abroad and they loved the lakeside market. Cost me some euros to get them to pose for this picture too! Best holiday yet! X”
Connie B.
“Very tranquil and relaxing.. my happy place”
Philippa M.
“Loved all the pools because there is so Much to choose from.”
Shannon H.
Stacey F.
“It's just fantastic for children they can have so much fun”
Michelle H.
“Layla and Lauren riding the crocodile”
Lewis B.
“Took on arrival at 1.00am”
Michael D.
“We like the fun atmosphere of the Jupiter hotel and pool/bar area. We always ask to stay in this one and we have been 3 times now”
Gemma M.
“Love seeing all 3 hotels and blue sky in background- sums up our holiday!!! Happy kids means happy parents!!!”
Martin J.
“Not just there the whole complex itself is our favourite spots !!”
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